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Are you feeling a little nervous getting behind the wheel of a car for the first time? No need to worry. At Car-Go Driving Tuition, my aim is to tailor your driving lessons to suit your needs by undertaking lessons in a friendly and patient manner to ensure your progression. Your success is my success, so it’s important we work together to make you a safe, knowledgeable driver with a positive attitude towards the roads. From driving lessons to a Pass Plus course, I have the knowledge, patience and experience to get you from A to B.

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You must be at least 17 and have a provisional licence to drive on public roads but
you can apply for your license up to 3 months prior to your 17 th Birthday.
You can apply for a provisional licence online via the website and the site
will automatically use your photo identity on your current UK passport for your
license – this is the most efficient way and costs £34, however if you wish to have a
new photo then you will need to apply by post – you will need to complete a driving
licence application form D1 (available from most post offices), and send it with
the £43 fee, original documentation confirming your identity, and a passport-sized
colour photograph to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AD. You can normally expect to
receive your licence within 2 to 3 weeks.
You must be able to read a new-style UK number plate at a distance of at least 20
metres (or 20.5m for number plates that are pre-September 2001). If glasses or
contact lenses are needed for this, they must always be worn when driving.
The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) advises “The best way to learn is
by having regular planned lessons with a good driving instructor and as much
practice as possible.”
If you are lucky enough to have private practice, you should be accompanied by a
full licence holder who is at least 21 years old and has held a full British car licence
for at least three years plus remember you must be insured to drive the car.
The number of lessons you need will depend on your natural ability, relevant
experience and the practise you can put in.
You can start driving lessons before you pass your theory test, but you will not be
eligible to book the practical test without having passed the theory test. The theory
test is a computerised exam in two parts. If you fail either part, you must take both
parts again.
In the first part of the theory test you must answer 50 multiple choice questions in 57
minutes on road procedure, traffic signs, road markings, road sense, rules and
regulations etc. You must answer at least 43 correctly to pass this part of the test. I
would strongly recommend that you read the Highway Code.
In the second part your hazard perception skills are tested when 14 CGI film clips of
road scenes are displayed on the computer and you have to click the mouse when

you see a hazard developing. One of the clips will contain 2 hazards, the others
contain 1 each and therefore keep watching.
Each clip is one minute long and you can score a maximum of five points for each of
the 15 hazards shown – the earlier you spot the hazard the higher your score. You
must score 44 out of 75 to pass.
You will receive your result immediately after finishing the test.
See the official DVSA video on the theory test.
I would recommend you study for the theory test at the same time as taking practical
lessons as this will allow you to put the theory into practice and so aid
How to apply for the theory test:
The nearest theory test centres are at Watford, Stevenage and Luton.
The theory test costs £23 paid by debit or credit card online booking or you can
call 0300 200 1122 .
When you book you will be asked to state your driver license number so have it to
hand, your name, address, phone number, where and when you want to take the
test and if you have any special needs or disabilities, plus an email address.
Remember to take your provisional driving license with you and email – do not be
late, as you may forfeit your test.
The practical driving test is about 40 minutes long, during which time you will be
asked to carry out one set manoeuvre, asked 2 maintenance and safety questions
maybe an emergency stop and drive independently, following road signs or via a Sat
Nav for about 20 minutes.
The possible manoeuvres are reverse parking behind a car within 2 car lengths, Bay
parking forward or reversing in depending on where you take your test and pulling
over to the right hand side of the road to then reverse back and then when safe to re-
join the traffic. You may also be asked to carry out an emergency stop – one in
three people are asked to complete this randomly.
You will also be asked to drive independently for about 20 minutes. For this part of
the test you will need to follow road signs or a Sat Nav.
You will fail the driving test if you accumulate more than 15 driver faults or a single
serious, dangerous or potentially dangerous fault.
documents everything on an I pad.

How to apply for a driving test:
You would book your practical driving test yourself, again online after discussion with
your driving instructor as it is important you have the relevant knowledge,
experience, safety and confidence and meet the test standard. Again you will be
asked for your driver number, your theory test certificate number, what type of
vehicle the test is for (car, motorcycle, lorry, bus), if you have any special needs,
your name, address and phone number and where and when you want to take the
You can pay the £62 fee (£75 for Saturday or weekday evenings) by debit or credit
For a telephone booking, call 0300 200 1122.
When you pass your driving test your examiner will give you a test pass certificate
and ask you to hand over your provisional licence so he/she can arrange for it to be
exchanged for a full licence, which you will receive in the post directly from DVLA.
Alternatively, you can choose to do the paperwork yourself, by sending off your pass
certificate and provisional licence to the DVLA. But you must claim your full licence
within 2 years or your pass certificate will become invalid and you will have to take
both the theory and practical tests again.

Good Luck

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